Our Mission

To break limiting mental barriers
and live the life of their dreams

Our Vision

To transfrom 10 Million peoples lives

Our comittment

To hold your hand
till you accomplish your goals

Our Workshops

To transform your life

Master your Belief

Law of life is Law of Belief, You are the creator of your destiny because you become what you belive not what you think.


Mindset is Everything, In this workshop we will teach you about mindset in every aspect of life

Dream Big

Find your Real Dreams, that pulls you instead of pushing you and putting you

Corporate Workshops

We Design a workshops as per your requirements

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About Pravin Thakur

PPravin Thakur is Author, Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach. Who is on a mission to transform human beings. He inspire to dream big and achieve those dreams. His core strength is breaking the limiting beliefs of people which hold them back, because of this limiting beliefs people live a mediocore life, He truly believes that every human being has potential to accomplish great things in life. He helps people break their mental barriers which prevents them from achieving great things.

He believes in dreaming big and achieving those dreams, No matter how big or how impossible they seem. His purpose of life is to help people to live their dream life, He can help people replace their dis-empowering beliefs which are preventing them to live the life of their dreams and replace them with new powerful empowering beliefs in every aspect of life,

Pravin is a businessman by profession is also a Government Certified Corporate trainner, Author, Certified NLP Practitiioner, Mind Map practitioner Certified by Tony Buzan ( inventor of Mind Maps ), Hypnotist, Mind Programmer, and a life coach, He Belives that education is a ongoing process, and he has kept educating through books, training audios and videos, seminars, and workshops, he has worked with McDonald’s India as a Traaining Squad for couple of years, He has also conducted various training programms for his office staff. Also he has conducted training programms for his team in a network marketing company. He understand training needs of people as well as of corporates. With this knowledge and experience he can design and structure all his programms and workshops of very high standards. He is very excited about his trainings and transforming people.

He has indepth knowledge of working of Consious mind and Subconsious mind. Pravin is a, Certified NLP Practitiioner, Hypnotist, Mind Programmer, He is passionate about mind programming. he can programm Subconscious mind for Success. Wealth, Health, Peace and Prosperity. He can help people format their old mental programming and replace it with fresh new mental programm, so they can be more Confident, Creative, Passioinate, and Productive.

Pravin Thakur belives in giving more to people than they are except to get. So his trainings are full of Knowledge. He makes it interesting by adding research data, some humour and activites in training. His workshops are interactive and result oriented, which helps people to tranform their lives.